A district court judge found Florida's new law likely unconstitutional after Hamburger Mary's of Orlando sued. Florida's underlying appeal will…
A contract obtained by Law Dork lays out the agreement, which shows the conservative lawyer took the case at a deep pay cut.
"Absent this Court’s review, families in Tennessee and other States where laws like SB1 have taken effect will face the loss of essential medical care."
Two significant gun regulation developments — days before Supreme Court arguments in a third gun-related case. And: A second trans care case at SCOTUS.
"We are going to the Supreme Court because the Sixth Circuit opinion was catastrophically wrong as a doctrinal matter and as moral matter."
A similar Kentucky filing is also expected this week. And: The justices are poised to reject "Trump Too Small" T-shirts' trademark protection.
Idaho's bathroom ban will remain on hold for now — but bathroom bans, gender-affirming care bans, sports bans, and anti-drag laws are all headed toward…
The anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ Louisiana lawyer wanted to overturn the 2020 election. Now he's second in the line of succession.
Jedidiah Murphy is dead, and the justices didn’t even have to tell us why they let it happen. Also: Louisiana's elections, and Montana's anti-drag law.
Two big moves this week re-centering efforts to bar transgender students from using the restroom that matches their gender identity.
Also: The Eleventh Circuit rejected Florida's request that it be allowed to enforce its anti-drag law on appeal.
U.S. District Judge John Heil III rejected challenges to the law in a Thursday ruling — the first district court judge to reach such a conclusion. An…