The conservative legal movement has long sought to rein in the administrative state. Trump's "deep state" attack plans build on that — but also would…
Judge Elizabeth Branch, a Trump appointee, used a "novel" case involving Georgia's utility commission to further narrow an already cramped reading of…
Donald Trump and his criminal trial(s), a Trump judge and voting rights, Elon Musk and the Texas AG going after a nonprofit for its reporting.
Ohio's Republican lawmakers and governor are pushing back against 57% blowout wins for abortion rights and marijuana legalization at the ballot box.
It's more of a pledge, though, as there is no apparent enforcement mechanism. But, it is a first step — and a reminder that public pressure works.
An important move from the Biden administration in an under-the-radar case. Also: Ohio Republicans say they want to ignore the voters after passage of…
The anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ Louisiana lawyer wanted to overturn the 2020 election. Now he's second in the line of succession.
The lawyers argue the indictment violates the First Amendment, due process, and double jeopardy protections in one of four late-night filings Monday.
Even on "liberal" courts. For nearly two weeks recently, a trio of Trump appointees expanded the reach of Idaho's criminal abortion law.
It's possible, it's important, and it should happen.
A check-in on how our governmental institutions are dealing with challenges to their very purposes.
The high court's move, over the objection of the three liberals, came a day after a dissenting Fifth Circuit judge published a fake majority opinion in…