Justice Sam Alito, compromise-maker?
In cases over the Double Jeopardy Clause and review of deportation decisions, Georgia and DOJ are likely to lose. But also, a possibility of something…
The conservative legal movement has long sought to rein in the administrative state. Trump's "deep state" attack plans build on that — but also would…
Donald Trump and his criminal trial(s), a Trump judge and voting rights, Elon Musk and the Texas AG going after a nonprofit for its reporting.
The arguments at SCOTUS didn't go well for Zackey Rahimi, but Judge James Ho isn't done with the case just yet. Also: RIP, Rosalynn Carter.
A district court judge found Florida's new law likely unconstitutional after Hamburger Mary's of Orlando sued. Florida's underlying appeal will…
A contract obtained by Law Dork lays out the agreement, which shows the conservative lawyer took the case at a deep pay cut.
It's more of a pledge, though, as there is no apparent enforcement mechanism. But, it is a first step — and a reminder that public pressure works.
A case over determining "future dangerousness." Update: SCOTUS will not stop the execution.
"Women are not without electoral or political power," Alito wrote in Dobbs. On Tuesday, Ohio voters agreed, passing a constitutional amendment…
While the outcome in U.S. v. Rahimi appeared clear, the real debate on Tuesday was over how to decide which gun regulations are allowed going forward.
"Absent this Court’s review, families in Tennessee and other States where laws like SB1 have taken effect will face the loss of essential medical care."