Criminal Justice

In cases over the Double Jeopardy Clause and review of deportation decisions, Georgia and DOJ are likely to lose. But also, a possibility of something…
The arguments at SCOTUS didn't go well for Zackey Rahimi, but Judge James Ho isn't done with the case just yet. Also: RIP, Rosalynn Carter.
A case over determining "future dangerousness." Update: SCOTUS will not stop the execution.
The lawyers argue the indictment violates the First Amendment, due process, and double jeopardy protections in one of four late-night filings Monday.
Even on "liberal" courts. For nearly two weeks recently, a trio of Trump appointees expanded the reach of Idaho's criminal abortion law.
A check-in on how our governmental institutions are dealing with challenges to their very purposes.
Jedidiah Murphy is dead, and the justices didn’t even have to tell us why they let it happen. Also: Louisiana's elections, and Montana's anti-drag law.
The high court's move, over the objection of the three liberals, came a day after a dissenting Fifth Circuit judge published a fake majority opinion in…
Tuesday's SCOTUS arguments will be a first sign of the court we're dealing with this term. Also: Louisiana redistricting. And: Florida has an execution…
Anthony Sanchez is scheduled to be executed this week. Despite steps OK’s attorney general took to slow executions, a reminder they have not stopped.
September began — and the week ended — with a flurry of legal news.
Fulton County DA Fani Willis's long-running investigation gave way to an explosive Monday night indictment. Also: A book event!