I guess the only time you are not too dangerous for the conservatives on this Supreme Court is when you have engaged in domestic violence. Then you get an assault rifle and your freedom.

Yes, I do know there’s been a conviction here, but their convenient oversight of the questionable nature of the conviction really cuts the other way. We all know how many judges are former prosecutors or even if not, pretty much rubber stamp whatever they request (unless you are Aileen Cannon overseeing a Trump case). For a conviction to be overturned in Texas - well, a reasonable lawyer can see that forest through the trees.

So another dead prisoner , yee-haw Texas. Depressing.

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I respect the liberal justices enough to think they have somehow reasonably convinced themselves that not saying anything (even when they dissent publicly, and that is fairly rare, repeatedly it is without comment) helps in the long run.

I don't know exactly why. I question the value of it. But, I'm not there.

Sotomayor previously managed to drop a few more statements in death penalty cases. If the conservatives are so touchy that the two more outspoken liberals (Jackson more outspoken than Breyer so far) can't drop a statement of concern or even dissent in a death penalty case without them using it to change the law or something to the worse (in a liberal's view), it's kind of stinks.

But, I guess we sort of know that. Still, I'll repeat , granting it's not my call, it's to me a bad policy. This is not a trivial case. Sometimes, these last shot cases are. The death penalty might always be bad; not all last minute appeals have much going for them.

I think it would be appropriate always to have at least a brief statement when a life is involved. But, in a case like this, it should be truly provided. I have been told Chris Geidner generally agrees. So, just stating my mantra here. I think it matters.

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"You are being hung not because you stole a horse, but so that horses will not be stolen."

Comparing Sinagpore's drug policies to the USA's I am about this close to going from "The USA is too racist and corrupt for capital punishment to" "So was Singapore, until Lee Kwan Yew cam along. Ah, that Yew tree...

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It sounds as though his case was reviewed multiple times, and his guilt has been well established in more than one court room. Even the Supreme Court denied each of his requests. His claims have been reviewed, and denied.

Some crimes demand that there be capital punishment, thankfully it seems as though this man is reaping what he sowed.

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