I want to thank you for your hope honesty and courage reporting truth to power with written evidence and video of Zooey. Power is corrupt when those who wield power loose sight of their principles in deference to power.

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I truly am at a loss to understand Senator Durbin.

He's terrified to take actions which might backfire and cause "terrible things" to occur in the future, ignoring the fact that terrible things are occurring in the present.

So he plods along, maintaining the blue slip policy (despite decimating Biden's judicial agenda), refusing to have "the talk" with Feinstein (thus holding up Cabinet appointments), drags his feet around forcefully acting to impose accountability on SCOTUS.

Incompetence, fear, ignorance?

Yet another example of why awarding plum Committee assignments based on seniority vs skill and expertise has been a resounding failure for years.

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Every week wasted means people in red states are more at threat to lawsuits and overturns in the future.

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