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Thank you for such an enlightening discussion. It will help to have this knowledge when I listen to the Court proceedings.

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Thank you so much; I feel hopeful for the first time that true justice will prevail and we will be done with tRump.

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Thank you all very much. This

has been such a knowledgeable discussion and has definitely cleared up

a lot of the different articles

I've read on the immunity issue.

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The supreme court justices should have absolutely refused to hear this case. They are aware of everything that you all discussed already. So there is no other reason to take it up except to help Trump delay his pending insurrection case.

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If the former prez wins, would this mean the current prez could eliminate the former prez (presumably by Seal Team Six) from his candidacy because the current prez is immune from anything? That would be the question for the kangaroos to ask the attorneys at the fiasco hearing. As beer-boy brett said at his confirmation hearing: “what goes around comes around.”

How far will the kangaroos allow this to be taken? Oh - I get it. They will stop this nonsense with a written opinion sometime in late June, thereby assuring the former prez he will not be tried on the multiple charges against him until after the November election.

Anyone look at the history of decisions emanating from this court? Anyone ever read Citizens United? Dobbs? The Lewis Powell memorandum? It is time for a major overhaul of this despicable part of our governance.

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I wonder if we will see a SCOTUS majority decision argued around the "principle" that tRump himself has immunity, but no president past or future could have or could also claim immunity from criminal acts. You know, the Bush v Gore decision as a one-off, with no precedence attached to it.

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The immunity claim is nonsense on stilts. What are we going to have? Law school hypos where immunity might appear credible?

The Supreme Court should not have taken this case. If they did, they should have done so in December 2023. SCOTUS is abusing justice. And Thomas shouldn't be involved in the decision.

It's helpful to listen to details but it is aggravating given the stakes that we are here. There was a reference to SCOTUS legitimacy. It already took (another) blow. The 14A, sec. 3 case was a blow (can't even show up? cowards embarrassed about a shodden decision). This is even more.

If the trial actually takes place before the election, much closer than the special counsel wanted, it would not just be Trump's fault. His Court didn't have to listen to him. I use "his Court" advisedly.

If the trial doesn't take place because of this **** the Supreme Court jumped the shark in a big way. Many won't bluntly say so. We will be back parsing Barrett/Kavanaugh opinions without saying each time "granted this Court is illegit ..."

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Please turn up the sound if possible. It plays as nearly a whisper, difficult to hear if there is any background noise here. We can always lower the volume on this end.

Thank you.

I'm making notes to use in comments on other subscriptions.

All in all, it seems so obvious to me that if Trump isn't jailed, we will lose our entire legal system and the only law enforcement jobs left will be Inquisitors, prison slave drivers, and guillotine operators.

The USA is a strong enough nation as a democracy to keep us out of Putin's piracy practices if lawmakers will clean up corruption.

Here is my wish list:

I want:

1. a purge of the corrupt Supreme Court

2. end Gerrymandering

3. end filibusters

4. end pacs.

That should keep enough lawyers busy for a while and help get serious lawmakers who will serve the people voted into Congress.

I want Donalds citizenship and all assets stripped and him and his cohorts and pretentious family expelled permanently from the USA. He has committed treason, insurrection and a myriade of crimes. Jail is too good for him. He is an international embarrassment to all of us US expats who have to explain this mess to our neighbors.

I don't want a king.

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