I'm starting to think that the problem is less with any one person, be it Feinstein and Durbin, and more about the fact that Democratic leadership from Schumer down is just full of aged, complacent, and weak Senators who just want to live the lives of Senators and have convenient exuses on hand for why they fail.

All this talk about confirming judges in the 118th has gone by the wayside because of Feinstein. But the failure to do anything but let that stand is harder to explain. As is the failure to confirm the judges who don't need to move through committee.

Part of me thinks they are using Feinstein as an excuse. Either they aren't willing to force the issue or they lack the votes to force the issue because Manchin and Sinema won't vote with them.

Schumer ought to cancel summer recess, keep all of the Senators in both parties, but I suspect he get challenged on that and lose anyway.

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Well said. And it is not age; it is lack of courage and spine.

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America's citizens future hinges old lady protected by old men who don't want to retire.

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The comments conflating the age of an individual and their relative ability to do good work are--ironically*--a bit on the puerile side. The argument against Durbin, Schumer, etc. stems from the fact that they are entrenched and lack inertia, rather than that they are "the olds."

While Senator Durbin's office is obviously falling down on the Justice Thomas issue, I think it bears mentioning that the entrenched-ness of the the politicians probably works for the people and the party from time to time in ways that are memorialized far less in public discourse.

Obviously Senator Feinstein's disease puts her in a different category. She needs help, but helping somebody in that condition is very difficult.

* Note: this may be more of a Morrisettian Irony rather than actual irony.

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I put Durbin in the same bag as Schumer: GAS BAG.

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