Today I sent this to the VP I mean every word

Dear VP

Sadly this was my Twitter post today.

"It's pretty clear women and LGBTQ people still will vote for


because there are no real alternatives, but we are sick and tired of him sitting back and doing nothing about these Trump judges. "has our backs" Really, For Biden, there is no such thing as a bad law."

We still support the president and the administration but are sad that nothing is being done when judges appointed by a person that supported an insurrection are upholding abusive anti-abortion laws that put women in danger, even those not seeking abortions but may need help with problematic pregnancies and miscarriages.

Today the 11 Circuit overturned a lower court injunction once again, allowing care to be held back from transgender children. A group that the president has said on several occasions he had their (our) backs. They cited Dobbs and said the medical decisions of parents for their children are not rooted in the tradition and history of the Constitution.

When that document was written, no one heard of LGBTQ rights or, for that matter, women's rights.

Yet this administration remains silent; as I said in this post, there are no bad laws in the mind of this administration; recall, the president was against expanding the court.

The president may have our support because he has the same views as us on many issues. And the inflation reduction act is finally a step in the right direction in dealing with serious issues like climate change.

But we are saddened by this deference to what is proving to be a captured judiciary at every level.

We are saddened that he makes no comments on these horrible court opinions that put the treatments of children diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria on a roller coaster.

We are saddened when an innocent woman is murdered for displaying a pride flag and not a word from the administration.

Sad but still loyal

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But the 11th circuit overturned the Injunction in Alabama

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Yes, this was last night's story. I am working on an 11th Circuit story. (And have posted about it elsewhere.) https://twitter.com/chrisgeidner/status/1693726498291683365

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think It’s the important our leaders understand our position and tweeting to them on Twitter is not the way to go, direct email is still the best

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I have no idea what you're talking about.

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I saw a story about an anti-trans activist who claimed hormones made him later infertile. When pressed, he admitted that he GOT the hormones from the same street dealer who sold him his other drugs.

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