All of this is why I roll my eyes whenever anyone says that DeSantis is "better" than Trump. They're both despicable and evil, but in different ways.

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They’re also working in earnest to expand the death penalty even despite U.S. Supreme Court precedent saying it’s unconstitutional to do what they’re doing. I have it covered on Tracking Florida’s Death Penalty.

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My grandchildren have now experienced Florida Governor DeSantis’ threats and intimidation. First, our grandson’s middle school teacher was suspended for placing on his Tik-Tok account a student-written and created video about banning of books.

Yesterday, our granddaughter’s high school principal left a voicemail explaining that an after-school club speaker had been cancelled. The principal said the Florida Department of Education had called and threatened to investigate (AKA suspend & prosecute) any administrator or teacher who attended the presentation by the gay speaker. This would have been the 3rd year this speaker made the presentation (“Drags and Donuts”). The Orlando Sentinel has an op-ed piece and story.

A fascist dictator “governs” Florida. Though we live in the US, we in Florida have no rights to free speech, freedom to assemble, freedom to learn. The Republican legislature kowtows to his every wish. There is a lot written about DeSantis and his presidential aspirations – less written about the indelible marks left on the rest of us.

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this whole thing is terrifying. Isn't the whole idea of puberty blockers to let the child mature enough to decide for themselves whether to go further?

A law controlling use of personal funds??? So no one who works for the state (or presumably a contractor with the state) can use their own money to go out of state? What's next? No use of personal funds to donate to any organization that opposes Christian Nationalism? How about no use of such funds to donate to Democrats, period? What happened to Citizen's United holding that use of money is covered by the First Amendment????

At least the ban on health insurance coverage is in fact limited to treatment of minors. Section 456.52 (1) is cited, and THAT is about care for minors except for the stupid "consent" rules and additional malpractice. How long will THAT limit last? Florida is already issuing regulations under Don't Say Gay that EXCEED what the statute itself says. What's to keep them from using regulation to exceed Section 456.52 (1).

Note that the statute of limitations does NOT have that limit, no reference to Section 456.52 (1). So if an adult undergoes trans therapy to the disapproval of their parents, and then dies the parents can sue claiming it was the therapy that killed them? With no need to prove malpractice?

Florida has gone bat shit insane. It would be helpful, Chris, if you could provide a list of legal actions in progress already against such legislation elsewhere, with links to the complaints, so we can see what kind of arguments are being mustered.

Florida is going to see a mass exodus of doctors, timed nicely with the mass arrival of beaches covered with Sargasso seaweed.

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We don’t do enough this millionaire with his fake doctor stands in these hearings and call our kids mentally Ill , call parents abusive accuse us of mutilation and we take it we should be protesting their businesses , filing lawsuits after lawsuit the way republicans do instead everyone waits to see what the government is going to do so far all they do is say they have our backs

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Randy fine is owner of fine point group that manages casinos he’s also on the board of tagam industries that manages the casinos all over the country he is ultra MAGA boycotts and protest casinos

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