Just a Gym Jordan without the wrestling coach/ "I didn't see nuthin' " baggage...the *cough-cough* "moderates" fell into line, as they recognized that ONLY a tRumpy election denier could EVER be elected as Speaker in this Congress...as this is who they got. What an absolutely pathetic bit of shithousery.

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I think they were finally tired of all the nominating and voting. What a great way to choose a speaker - yuck!

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I have reported often on Marc’s work, so don’t take this the wrong way, but I honestly am not sure why you’re linking to that tweet; it’s literally just re-posting facts that I wrote about in this story.

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Oct 26, 2023·edited Oct 26, 2023

I think my response was intended to address the "just a Gym Jordan without the wrestling coach" comment (which felt a little minimizing of the implications of the multiple potential disasters we may imminently be facing as folks who support small "d" democracy)

Absolutely no intention to imply there was something you weren’t covering

There are more than enough elements of the current horror show in the House to go around (though it could also be argued that Senate Republicans coupled with related inaction from Senate Dems to curb the most catastrophic of R blockages are also making their own mess)



I’ve recently found myself either repeating things w/shorter bites for what seems to be a generally reduced attention span (I’m sure it’s all the stress), especially when they’re related to recent election subversion or the arguable motivations for it by the perpetrators

(Just as another example of how many hidden elements have led up to our current … cascade of symptoms/circumstances, I was sharing with an environmental expert WRT President Carter’s putting up solar panels on the White House and Reagan’s having them removed practically in the dead of night, much like he was instrumental in the raising of prices for public college when the entrance demographics started shifting, which it could be argued progressed incrementally to the catastrophic student debt crisis the country’s currently facing – only to be astounded to discover she’d never heard anything about it)

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“Truly disturbing news” indeed. Facts and reason underpin the rule of law. Neither seems to matter to Republicans in the House. The controlling faction of SCOTUS plays fast and loose with both. Heaven help us.

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Thanks for getting right the line of succession to the presidency, Chris. I was shocked to see clips from a couple different network "stars" trying to explain how Mike Johnson was now "third in line of the presidency" after Kamala Harris and the president pro-tem of the Senate!

Some people shouldn't be allowed on tv.

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Thank you for bringing your readers the facts, Chris

This election denier violated his oath to the Constitution and tried to disenfranchise voters in four states.

He's MUCH worse than a lot of people seem to realize



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So frightening! Good (and deeply disturbing) article in the New Yorker on the ADF - I highly recommend the article given this latest development in the house. Knowing someone personally that had the ADF come after them we all should be aware of their vision for America and realize they are well funded and well positioned to pursue their vision. Sorry I don't have a free link to share. But just search for New Yorker /ADF

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