Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jesus Christ himself would give Hector LaSalle a vote, and other unbelievable arguments from New York's governor.
“This is a resource for folks who are focused on what the legislature can accomplish,” the Institute for Responsive Government's Sam Oliker-Friedland…
A federal appeals judge in California is giving Biden a vacancy to fill, while New York's governor is still backing her high court nominee. Also: Two…
Kevin McCarthy failed to become Speaker on the first 11 ballots. Also: Two abortion rulings, and criminal justice questions at the Michigan Supreme…
Missouri is one of two states that allows a judge to impose a death sentence under certain circumstances if the jury can't decide on a sentence.
It's a choose-your-own-adventure year here at Law Dork!
"We can and must reduce the number of people incarcerated in this country while also reducing crime," candidate Joe Biden promised. As he approaches two…
Plus: George Santos is really something else. And: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown names her high court picks. One is a former public defender.
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